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Wardrobe Planning – Body Shape

June 22, 2011
geometrical shapes representing body types: triangle, hourglass, rectangle, inverted triangle

Have you ever wished you had a tall, slender figure? Did you know you can create the illusion of such a figure with the clothes you wear? We often feel self-conscious about our “figure flaws.” But with a little creativity and wardrobe magic, we can focus our attention on our assets. And that’s what everyone […]

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Wardrobe Planning–Style

June 17, 2011

Does your wardrobe have a particular style? Do you tend toward more classic clothes? Or more casual? Dramatic? Romantic? Maybe it’s a mixture, or something totally unique. How do you figure out what your style is?

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Wardrobe Planning – Activity

June 10, 2011
Letter blocks spelling out "Work Rest Play"

One of the things to look at in planning a wardrobe is what am I actually going to DO in these clothes? What are my activities during the day? During the week? What do I spend most of my time doing? What do I do occasionally? What kind of clothes work best for these different […]

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Sewing Ideas for Wardrobe Planning–Garments

June 3, 2011
Style sketches of a jacket, top and skirt

All the wardrobe planning books I’ve read focus on business attire. But I work at home. So how do I put together a wardrobe for the way I really live? What are the essential elements of a wardrobe that works? I decided to start with the garments themselves. When you think about it, there are […]

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Sewing Ideas for Wardrobe Planning – Fabrics

May 27, 2011
Fabric swatches in blues and greens.

So how do you put together a wardrobe that works? When I first started sewing, I’d buy a print for a blouse and a solid to go with it for pants or a skirt. Pretty basic. Usually I just bought enough of each fabric for one garment. After awhile I had a bunch of one-off […]

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Sewing Ideas for Knits

April 6, 2011
Neckline finish with Stretch Magic

I’m always looking for creative sewing ideas. Recently I made a knit skirt and jacket out of a beautiful raspberry rayon knit. The jacket pattern was Butterick B5049, which called for bias binding around the outside edge. That just seemed too bulky to me, so I started looking around for other ideas. My first thought […]

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