Sara DeHoff

Sara DeHoff

I started sewing in elementary school and by 5th grade was making my own school clothes. At that time it really was cheaper to sew for yourself. I also quickly learned that sewing meant I had clothes that fit too. As a teenager, it was hard to find ready-made clothes that were long enough for my gangly arms and legs.

Every August my family would make our annual pilgrimage in to the big city for our school shopping ritual. First stop was the department store for a winter coat. Then the shoe store. The rest of the time we spent in the fabric store. We’d come home delighted with our finds and spend the next several weeks (months?) making our clothes for the year.

We’d make “mileage charts” to see which tops would go with which bottoms. I’ll never forget the cream colored skirt and vest I made with the striped lining. It was my best work yet and I wore it all the time.

I worked my way through college at Lady Lynn’s Natural Fiber Fabrics in Olympia, WA and loved every minute of it. Lynn Garner is a wonderful seamstress and mentor. Once I was out on my own, I always found a space for a sewing corner.

Then somewhere between marriage, parenting and work, the sewing took a back seat. Every time I was able to come back to it, my soul heaved a sigh of relief—I was creating again! I began to realize this is an important part of my life. When I neglect it, a part of me just doesn’t get fed.

So now I’m back to sewing again and I love it. I created this blog to share what I’m learning and to spread the joy of sewing. Here’s to you…

Keep on creating!

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