How to sew a dart

by SaraD on July 30, 2011

dart marked on in red on a white muslin

Mark the center line in your darts and you'll save time during construction.

When I first started sewing, pattern companies still printed one size for each pattern. If you were a size 12, you bought a size 12. Now all the sizes are printed on the same pattern. As a result, the pattern markings had to be simplified to distinguish the different sizes. One of the things that disappeared was the center line on darts. I didn’t realize how important this was until recently.

I’ve purchased the Wild Ginger’s Pattern Master Boutique pattern drafting software and am in the process of making the fitting garments so I can fine tune my default settings. In doing so, I made a happy discovery: all the darts are printed with the center line. At first, I thought nothing of it—it was just one more line to mark on the fabric. But when it came to sewing up the darts… Boy! What a difference it made! All I had to do was fold the dart along the center line and voila! the legs of the darts matched up perfectly. No more poking a pin through to try to line up those pesky legs. I was amazed at what timer saver this was.

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Lyn July 31, 2011 at 3:05 pm

And to think – all the time I thought I knew how to do this. Thanks for making it easier – and quicker.

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