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by SaraD on June 22, 2011

geometrical shapes representing body types: triangle, hourglass, rectangle, inverted triangleHave you ever wished you had a tall, slender figure? Did you know you can create the illusion of such a figure with the clothes you wear? We often feel self-conscious about our “figure flaws.” But with a little creativity and wardrobe magic, we can focus our attention on our assets. And that’s what everyone else will see too. We can look and feel great every time we walk out the door.

One of the best resources I’ve found on this subject is Jan Larkey’s book, Flatter Your Figure. Most experts tend to divide people into body shape groups – rectangle, triangle, inverted triangle and hourglass. But Jan goes beyond these simple divisions and helps you look at your own unique shape. The simplistic approaches will advise a short woman to wear a short jacket to make her legs look longer. But what if I also have a protruding tummy? The short jacket won’t look good on me.

Jan shows you how you can combine elements of line, design, color and pattern to direct the eye to the places you want people to see. One of her techniques is the “blink test.”

  1. Put on an outfit and stand in front of a full-length mirror.
  2. Close your eyes and count to 3 (a long blink).
  3. Open your eyes. Instantly, what do you see?

Your eyes will immediately go to the Focal Point – the point that draws attention. It could be a style line, an unusual collar, a strong color, or a print or texture. That Focal Point is what people will see first. If the Focal Point is a collar, for instance, people’s eyes will be drawn to your face. If the Focal Point is a belt, they’ll see your waist first and then the rest of you. By using color and line and design, you can choose what people will tend to focus on and direct their attention to your best assets.

Think about your favorite clothes and how you feel in them. Then take the “blink test” next time you wear them. Where do your eyes fall? What part of you do you focus on? By identifying exactly what it is about these clothes that makes you feel great, you can duplicate the effect with other outfits.

Focus on your best assets and everyone else will too.

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kristina June 25, 2011 at 9:05 am

Thanks for the helpful tips concerning the blink test, how simple yet profound and easy to use!

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