Sewing Ideas for Wardrobe Planning – Fabrics

by SaraD on May 27, 2011

So how do you put together a wardrobe that works? When I first started sewing, I’d buy a print for a blouse and a solid to go with it for pants or a skirt. Pretty basic. Usually I just bought enough of each fabric for one garment. After awhile I had a bunch of one-off garments that didn’t go with anything. I needed a better plan.

I’ve read several wardrobe planning books and articles over the years. The one I found the most helpful was Nancy Nix-Rice’s Looking Good: Wardrobe Planning and Personal Style Development. I really like her idea of capsules. Rather than trying to make each piece go with everything in your closet, just choose two colors and build a capsule on those two colors. For instance, you could build a capsule on navy and green with a print skirt and blouse, navy pants and jacket and a green skirt and jacket in a different style. These pieces all go together. Then you could build a different capsule on red and black. Soon you’ll find bridge pieces like a red and navy print that connects the two capsules. The idea is simple and allows you to put together a wide variety of outfits from just a few pieces.

So I’ve started shopping in capsules – rather than buy one piece at a time, I searched the fabric store until I found fabrics that went together and bought enough for a top and bottom of each. Here’s what I found:

Amazingly, I later found fabric in the right colors for two more tops. Now to find the right styles!

(These swatches really are navy–they just didn’t come through on the photographs.)

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